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For the printing industry we are giving an attractive price package which is very competitive.For your benefit we shall give you an complete brochure in pdf format which shall be sent to your e-mail box once you give your detail.

We are fully equipped to deliver the best of designing and printing of the following items:

Brochures Printing
Brochures Printing Ask for Price

Professional brochures are designed and printed in our print-shop with various types of finishing to the printed material. We have a host of laminator such as gloss, matt and uv lamination and die cutting to the finished product.
    With our excellent brochure  printing services , we fulfill varied requirements of our clients for various purposes like eigher advertising, Public awareness or information distribution. Attractive writeup and eye catching design is used to create goodwill of the company.

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Calenders Printings
Calenders Printings Ask for Price

We are  specialized in printing calendars – Monthly , Daily , Single Sheet and Large format Calenders. Readymade  as well as customized Calendars are available with us. We have a huge collection with us. Any person interested shall visit our showroom or ask us for the designs that shll be sent to them via mail.

Every year we bring special varieties of customized calendar. Single Sheet, 3 Sheet, 4 Sheet, 6 Sheet front and back and 12 sheet with Wiro-o- finish or tin mounted. We are dealers for SPECIAL IMPORTED GOLD FOIL 3D FILM GOD PICTURES which are available in 12 x 18  and 14 x 22 sizes. We have nearly 20 different god pictures whose beauty has to been seen to admired.


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Multicoor Printed Folders
Multicoor Printed Folders Ask for Price

We are specialized in printing customized folders for various organizations like SCHOOLS , COLLEGES,  IT COMPANIES, HOSPITALS , LAB CENTERS ETC. We have special variety multicolor printed folders in poly propylene or synthetic material with inner pouch and plastic  clip. This special file shall cost approx. Rs. 20/-. We have multicolor printed board file with inner pouch that shall cost around Rs.10/- per file.

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ID Cards
ID Cards Ask for Price

Customised id cards as per the choice of the customers are designed and printed. PVC id cards, membership card, Laminated ID Card , Sticker type Plastic card are some. Multi color ropes with  companies name printed can also be supplied along with it.

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Latter Heads
Latter Heads Ask for Price

In today’s world letter heads, Visiting cards speak volumes about the concern. That’s why we at Bharani Cards take special care on these. We deliver the finest quality and design for boosting your companies image. Letter heads are finished in 1. Bond paper 2. Foreign Cartidge paper. 3. Premium ITC paper with or without knurling finish. Letter head is the foundation of your professional business identity. When paired with matching custom printed envelopes , note pads , labels and visiting cards you will get a complete corporate image. We as a team shall develop a special package of all these along with your logo created.

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Pamphlets Ask for Price

Pamphlets are small hand outs in multi-color to boost one already existing business establishment or to a new concern that is entering in the market. Phamplets in small and large quantities can be printed here with excellent design and great pricing.
    The price structure of our multicolor printed pamphlets are very best in the market. You can print an A4 size single side Pamphlet for Rs.1.50 per piece for 1000 nos, Rs.0.80 per piece for 10,000 nos and if printed 50,000 nos shall cost you Rs.0.65 paisa only per sheet.

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Multicolor Envelopes and Covers
Multicolor Envelopes and Covers Ask for Price

Envelopes in various sizes to cater various fields are made. For office purpose 9 x 4 , 10.5 x 4.5, 9 x 12 inches are made. For Lab  and hospital 10.5 x 4.5 , 8 x 10 , 9 x 12, 12 x 15, and 15 x 18 sizes are made. For Studios passport and post card sizes like 3 x 4  or 8 x 6 covers are made.

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visiting Cards
visiting Cards Ask for Price

We offer visiting cards in more than 10 different types. Gloss, Matt , Synthetic , Nurlin finish, UV cards, Die-cut Cards , Corporate Cards, Metallic board cards and Digital printed Visiting cards in more than 5 varieties of Special Boards. We have cards from Rs.350/- for 500 nos to premium cards which are matt finished-front and back-UV coated-with corner round cutting for about  Rs.1500 for 1000 nos . Our premium cards will surely  leave a great impression  on our concern.

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CD Pouch/Stickers and Labels
CD Pouch/Stickers and Labels Ask for Price

Customised CD pouches to cater various fields are made. Stickers and labels both short and large quantities are made with precision.

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Invitation Cards
Invitation Cards Ask for Price

Invitation Cards for functions like House Warming , Birthday  and other functions are made. Both self designed and huge varieties of Readymade cards are available.  Friends Card for marriage functions are available in large varieties.

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Sunpack Advertisement Boards
Sunpack Advertisement Boards Ask for Price

Sun pack advt. boards are small boards made in sunpack material. The common sizes are 1 X 1.5, 2 X 2 , 1 X 2 , 3 X 1 AND SO ON. Both single color and multicolor boards are made. They are very cost effective and the presence of it in any area will give a great impact on the customers.

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Wedding Cards
Wedding Cards Ask for Price

We are specialist in designing and Printing wedding cards. Both Readymade and Self designed cards are available.
    We have a Special team of Designing people in  Coimbatore that brings us a variety of extraordinary designed cards in the name of Maruthi Cards. We are the sole dealer of them in Chennai. The Designs,the output and finishes are to be seen to believed. This special designer cards ranges from Rs. 20/- to Rs. 200/- per card.
    Some of our works are available in our website and also in our drive. So if needed the links can be sent to your mail address to an idea on our products.

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Table Top Calendars and Diaries
Table Top Calendars and Diaries Ask for Price

Table top calendar and diaries usually comes out during every new year are very best complimentary gifts for any concern. They are very special in the Medical Field  as the  company  brings in customized calendar of their new introduced products and along with the planner. These are then gifted to the doctors to whom they deal with.
    Diaries even though losing a bit of its share due to the innovation and rapid growth in electronics  field has not lost its charm in the race , because the executive and the special diaries are still felt as one the  most sought after complimentary articles among the corporate sectors.  We are dealers for Footprint Diaries in Chennai. The design and price list  are available with us and once requested it will be sent to your mail address. You can see some of its designs in our website and certainly once seen you will surely believe that it is just not another diary which is in the race amongst the crowd.

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Price Tags
Price Tags Ask for Price

PRICE TAGS in various shapes and sizes , media are very common and the most needed for any brands to say its status and price. We are specialist in bringing special tags in various finished materials and also giving extra touches like gold or silver foiling, embossing , die-cutting and uv printing.

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Bill Book | Vouchers |Receipts | DC Books
Bill Book | Vouchers |Receipts | DC Books Ask for Price

However the growth in electronics media that made the billing and other things paper less. Still small and medium scale organization need this form of media for their day-to-day activities. We do these mini-offset jobs to cater our customer needs.

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Packing Boxes
Packing Boxes Ask for Price

Today’s world is a packaging world. As we commonly say a man is  judged by his dress so also a product is judged by the  way it is presented by the company. So packaging a material is of a great concern for any organization. If not in depth we have taken a little step in this section by doing small items like: soap boxes, shirt boxes, small bottle boxes, cake and sweet boxes.

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Certificate and Posters
Certificate and Posters Ask for Price

Both certificate and posters are done both in short run as well bulk printing. Posters in various sizes right from A3 to a maximum size of wall posters are printed.

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Multicolor Printed Paper Bags and Wedding Bags
Multicolor Printed Paper Bags and Wedding Bags Ask for Price

Multicolor printed paper bags in sizes 8.5x6.5x2.25 and 13x9x3 are printed to suit various concerns like mobile shops , watch shops, contact lens shops , Readymade Garment Showroom etc.
Thamboolam bags in various designs and also custom printed with imges of wedding couples can be  printed. They are all printed in non owen bags and shall be in excellent quality.

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Menu Cards
Menu Cards Ask for Price

Menu  Cards designed and printed for any hotels or Restaurants or the dey to their success. When once neatly presented shall surely leave a great impact of a good expectation over the concern. We at Bharani Cards have a spl. Team for design of such Menu Cards. We not only give a good design but also print and present in a good way in different Models and Media.

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Utility Items
Utility Items Ask for Price


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